Original intention remains unchanged, new journey unfolds | Olivia’s magnificent appearance at the 2023 Windoor Facade EXPO in Guangzhou

Spring returns to the earth, everything is renewed, and in the blink of an eye, we have ushered in the year of "Rabbit" with grand plan in 2023. Looking back in 2022, in the context of the recurring epidemic, the "14th Five Year Plan" has come to a crucial year, the "dual circulation" economic model has been deeply developed, the "dual carbon and dual control" goal has been comprehensively promoted, the "20th National Congress" of the Communist Party of China is like a spring breeze to provide warmth, and the door, window, and curtain wall industry is also moving towards a path of health, green, energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainability under the concept of high-quality development.

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Technological Innovation, Keeping Up with the Times

The 29th Windoor Facade EXPO in 2023 was grandly held from April 7-9 at the Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou. This exhibition has 7 main theme exhibition areas: system doors and windows exhibition area, curtain wall materials exhibition area, profile insulation exhibition area, fireproof doors and windows exhibition area, door and window equipment exhibition area, door and window hardware exhibition area, and structural adhesive exhibition area, bringing cutting-edge new products, new processes, and new technologies to display, providing a platform for communication, learning, and collaborative development. During the exhibition, multiple industry vertical media outlets, including China Curtain Wall Network ALwindoor.com and China Doors and Windows&Supporting Materials Network Windoor168.com, conducted on-site visits and in-depth reports on the event.

The 29th Windoor Facade EXPO Grand Opening

Olivia Gorgeous Blooming at 2023 Guangzhou Exhibition

Guangdong Olivia Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., as a senior enterprise in the industry, has worked diligently for more than 30 years and is committed to providing users with stable, reliable, and high-quality silicone adhesive products. It has developed into a modern enterprise with multiple fully automatic, closed, and continuous silicone adhesive production lines and production bases! The enterprise has passed the mandatory certification of national silicone structural sealant, national high-tech enterprise certification, and ISO9001 international quality management system certification. The OLIVIA trademark has been selected as a "Famous Trademark in Guangdong Province" for three consecutive years.


As an active participant in the WINDOOR exhibition, in this exhibition, Olivia continues to bring numerous best-selling products and research and development new products, mainly including the OLA full series of low modulus sealants, fireproof sealants, etc. The product has better adhesion and water resistance. Outstanding performance and leading craftsmanship have attracted many visitors and customers to come for consultation, exchange, and negotiation. The booth was decorated in a grand and fashionable manner, and the team members were professional and enthusiastic, leaving a deep impression on everyone.


The Olivia booth stands out in a dazzling and eye-catching manner

Olivia has a rich and complete product line, strong and complete network coverage, and can meet the maximum needs of different customers while ensuring high-quality products. The three-day display at the exhibition is also Olivia's "Friends", with a continuous stream of overseas customers from all over the world and domestically, making Olivia fruitful.

On the booth, there was an endless stream of guests
Onsite guests at the Olivia booth are constantly present

High quality products are the guarantee for the stable development of the markets for Olivia

In recent years, with the promotion of the goal of "dual carbon and dual control", green products have deeply rooted in people's hearts. Olivia adheres to the principle of "being a safe and clean adhesive, and a guardian of a better life", vigorously exploring products and markets in this field. The DJ-A3-OLA507 fireproof sealing adhesive product exhibited at this exhibition has repeatedly received praise and has been favored and recognized by the market.

Olivia Star Products and Application Exhibition

Automated production lines and standardized operation models help Olivia stay at the forefront of the industry

Olivia, as an excellent representative of China's construction adhesive industry, is also a star enterprise in export sales. The enterprise adopts automated production lines, implements national and international standards, and has an operational management system that is in line with international standards, giving it sufficient confidence in facing overseas markets. The products are distributed in more than 65 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Russia, Australia, and Latin America. The company has built a marketing network dominated by sales companies under the group, with channel agency as the main mode, and the whole network covers Chinese Mainland, becoming one of the most competitive suppliers of building silicone adhesive in Chinese Mainland.

The Olivia booth has a full atmosphere

Olivia has been continuously praised for many years with development. It is a "national high-tech enterprise" and a "recommended enterprise for silicone structural sealant", and has passed multiple domestic and international quality certifications such as SGS, TUV, CE, and ISO9001 quality management system certifications. Awarded as one of the top ten brands and highly influential brands in China's glass adhesive industry, its OLA weather resistant sealant and fireproof sealant have successively passed the certification product testing for windows. As a representative of artisanal enterprises in the silicone sealant industry, I participated in the CCTV Discovery Journey "Craftsman's Mind Making" program and filmed the documentary "The Development Road of Olivia Silicone Sealant".

On site guest consultation and understanding

In the process of working together to "glue" the world, Olivia has covered its products and brands throughout the country, forming a good market reputation and atmosphere. The typical projects supported include: Shanghai Bund Financial Center, Taizhou Tiansheng Center, China Nepstar Headquarters Building, Henan Art Center Art Museum, Shenzhen Ludan Building, Shanghai Baoshan Stadium, China Telecom Beijing Yizhuang Cloud Computing Center, Dongguan Dongcheng Wanda Plaza, Beijing Tongcheng International, PLA General Hospital, Henan Air to Air Missile Research Institute Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Building, Xiamen World Trade Mall, etc.

Classic Projects Exhibition with Olivia’s silicone sealant products

The exhibition came to a close amidst anticipation and harvest, and the three-day display gave Olivia a firmer decision and confidence to forge ahead towards high-quality development—— All the past is a preface. Olivia precipitates honor, is ready to go, and with high morale, embarks on a new round of overcoming obstacles, riding the wind and waves. Along the way, in the new journey, we will not forget our original intention, courageously move forward, go to the vast expanse, and soar!

Post time: Jun-14-2023